1950's, 1960's photo editing

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  1. mmb1998

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    How did they edit photos before computers. Did they? Or did they just publish the really good ones?

  2. Rebeccaaa

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    I have no idea.

    But here's some info that might help :D >


    Photo manipulation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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  3. aardvarkgenocide

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    they mostly just picked the good ones, thought i can edit some things with dark room effects by adjusting stuff, and combining certain portions of two different photos... (only in black in white though)
  4. Malificus

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    It wasn't just some matter of choosing good images, there's a reason we call touching up a picture airbrushing it. Heavy photo editing was done before the digital age.
  5. ysabel

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    I'm sure they edited photos before computers, it just takes more time. My uncle ran a photography studio business before digital age and I would see him working like a painter (easel and all that) sometimes. I suppose a lot of things happen in the dark room too.
  6. lefoto

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    Before computers, all photo editing was done in the dark room. There are various different things you can control while printing an image in the dark room including the amount of exposure, cropping, minor color adjustments, minor "cutting and pasting" (literally cutting and pasting from frame to frame), etc. Photoshop can obviously do way more, much easier, and much faster.
  7. Pedrosos101

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    I think they mostly just picked the good ones. However it is an interesting question
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