17th Game?


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So the new rumor is that Roger Goddell is suggesting turning the fourth pre-season game into a seventeenth regular season game.

What this does, in my opinion, is get rid of one of the middle pre-season games where the starters only play one or two series to avoid injuries.

Another thing that happens is there will be another game to break single season records. At one point there was fourteen regular season games and six preseason.


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I would be against adding a 17th game. The regular season is already long enough and there are too many injuries. Plus you'd have teams playing 9 home games and 8 road games or vice versa and that doesn't really seem fair. It doesn't take 17 games to determine who deserves to be in the playoffs and who doesn't. The only reason why they'd want the extra game is because they want to get rid of a pre-season game and still get more revenue. Terrible idea in my opinion.


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
and still get more revenue.
That's actually the reason they stated.

Edit: I also forgot to add that the injuries were crazy last year. Not just on my favorite team but all across the league it seemed like 2-4 guys were being taken out or carted off all season.
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I have to agree with Echoes on this one, I believe this would be a terrible thing to do. I don't mine when the commish make a few rule changes to improve the game, but I don't see this improving the NFL at all. Just leave it the way it is right now because it's just fine.

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And what team pattern would it be for teams to play? A given team already plays each team in its division twice, another division in that conference, one whole division in the other conference and two other teams.

I think Goddell just wants a bigger paycheck.


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More revenue overall, but that also means an extra game check for the players, and they are talking about raiding the roster to 53+ if they had the extra game. I'm not sure how it changes season ticket holder prices either. Between all that and the records issue I doubt this happens anytime soon.