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16th-Century trial records: priest's magic powers


Free Spirit
Staff member
(LiveScience) On Jan. 30, 1540, in Mexico City, at a time when Spain was carving out an empire in the New World, an epic trial got under way.
An ordained Catholic priest named Pedro Ruiz Calderon was being prosecuted for practicing black magic. The priest actually bragged about the powers he had acquired according to records a researcher is working on publishing.

16th-Century trial records reveal priest's magic "superpowers"

This is an interesting story about a priest that claimed to have magic powers. He said he could teleport between continents, make himself invisible, make women fall in love with him, predict the future, turn metals into gold, summon demons and find treasure.

I think the guy is lucky they didn't chop off his head, burn him alive or some other gruesome act as they often did at this time in history.