Movies 16 blocks (includes movie recap)


Behind the screen:
film directed by Richard Donner and released by Warner Bros. Entertainment which opened March 3rd in the United States. The film stars Bruce Willis, Mos Def, and David Morse. Included in the DVD release is a "shocking" alternate ending that was originally intended to be included in the theatrical version.

1.Detective Jack Mosley - Bruce Willis
2. Frank Nugent - David Morse
3.Eddie Bunker, Mos Def

The film is about an aging, bitter NYPD police officer, Detective Jack Mosley, (Bruce Willis) who is asked to escort a happy-go-lucky criminal witness, Eddie Bunker, (Mos Def) through sixteen blocks of Lower Manhattan from the police station to a courthouse in less than 118 minutes. Bunker is set to testify before a grand jury at 10:00 a.m. The simple trip between the two buildings should have taken 15 minutes to complete, and Mosley was only asked to do it because he was convienient. However, no one seems to want the pair to reach their final destination, including an ex-partner of Mosley, Frank Nugent (David Morse). Nugent is in command of one of the detectives Eddie is supposed to testify against and protecting him is Frank's first priority. Jack's trip turns into a quick nightmare when he finds out that the people who want Eddie dead are actually cops.

After Eddie Bunker is almost assassinated by two hitmen, Jack hides him in a friend's bar. Once Jack calls for back-up, Frank Nugent and several other officers arrive. Although initially appearing trustworthy, Frank quickly reveals to Jack that he wants Eddie dead since he is going to testify against another detective. It is then suggested by Frank to set up a mock hostage situation in which Eddie is killed and Jack can go on about his way and do what he does best, just walk away. Jack goes along with the plan until the last minute, but unexpectedly has a change of heart and saves Eddie.

After escaping the bar, the pair is faced with difficult situations at every turn as they make their way through the Big Apple on their way to the courthouse.

Box office numbers:
In its opening weekend, the film grossed 11.7 million dollars, which was the second-highest earning film of the weekend. As of April 16, 2006, the film has grossed a total of 36.2 million dollars in the United States Box Office.

My final thought:
I thought this movie was pretty good, not the best but good.You have to get the dvd to see the real endding pretty good endding but, I am glad they changed it.

Credit for the little info Wikipedia.