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Movies 15th Survivor Season in China Temple


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Looks like the great outdoors have been used up, even though there are still several places that haven't been used for Survivor seasons...

The next season will take place in China, and will end up in a Chinese Buddhist temple, where the players will have to "leave all their worldly possessions behind." We that's going to be really hard. They are on a game show. Everybody knows they will get their stuff back once they lose.

IGN: Meet the Survivor: China Cast

There is a professional poker player in the mix this time around. First of all, I wonder how good he is. Second, if he is really good, then I wonder how he will do on the show, since everybody knows he is a professional bluffer. :D


what? no pink?
well they always have had to leave their worldly possessions behind LOL So that is nothing new. The contestants can choose to tell others what their profession is or not. He could choose to lie about his if he didn't want them to know. The one that I would worry about is the grave digger LOL

I would sleep with one eye open :D


Wanna play?
My neighbor's a grave digger. I remember one Halloween they used a new coffin as a prop on their porch. The elderly lady across the street complained so much about the tackiness of it that they ended up putting it away. Geez what a funsucker, I think it just reminded her a little too strongly that no one lives forever, and she's been around longer than most.:shocked:

Back on topic: I've never watched the show, but this one seems less extreme than the others....I think?
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