15 pound burger is world's largest


what? no pink?
LOL I read this story a couple of days ago and all I could think was omg!! this thing must have been twice the size of the girl that ate it LOL I just can't imagine that


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I saw this story the other day.

Actually the 100 poung girl ate the orinigal biggest burger, which was only 6 pounds in 3 hours...

Hers the quote from the news story I read on it

Denny's Beer Barrel Pub had previously offered a 6-pound burger -- with 5 pounds of toppings.

In February, a 100-pound female college student became the first to eat the burger within the three-hour time limit. Kate Stelnick, of Princeton, N.J., was awarded a certificate, T-shirt and other prizes.

One month later, the Clinton Station Diner in Clinton, N.J., introduced a 12.5-pound burger dubbed Zeus. So Liegey responded, and the Belly Buster was born.
Thats one BIG burger...


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I weigh WAY more than that and there is NO way I could eat that much. Heck me and my husband and our kids could not eat.