15 people you hate watching sports with


Babeasaurus Sex
MASSIVE LOL at the old person....that is TOTALLY my grandad...he's a terror!

My mum was always the interested SO, I'm quite lucky cos none of my exes liked sports so I got to watch the games in peace!

I think I can be guilty of the predictions....not quite to that extent but still.....



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Some of those are pretty funny. I've probably watched sports with almost all of them, and I'm guilty of a couple of them myself. I'm somewhat of an "Eternal Pessimist" and sometimes the "guy with betting implications."


Son of Liberty
yeah i've been guilty of a few of 'em to. Although its hard to pinpoint whether or not I was annoying the people around me at the time.

I would say the absolute worst one that I've ever been around is the Super Drunk guy... Hate being around that one, especially when we're at the Event and its not just like at a bar or party or something.


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I've been around a few of those types of people and I've been guilty for a lot of them as well.

What I can't stand is watching sports with someone that thinks he knows everything about sports, but in the end he has no clue.


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I don't like the Pessimist ones. I feel they bring bad vibes to the game and team - and they don't need that because they'll lose! :lol: So you can probably guess now which annoying person I am --- the Superstitious. :)


Son of Liberty
I've been around most of these and I agree with BR, I hate being around those think they know about sports but don't know crap.

I can honestly say I've rarely been any of these, I don't get drunk, I don't bet, I don't play fantasy sports....about the only one is maybe talking about past playing days but even then it's usually with someone I played with and we talk about "remember when..."
I laughed. I have also been around quite a few of these and definitely guilty of at least two... the main one being the guy with fantasy implications. Ha.