14 Types of women in relationships


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In light of the thread AngelsPeak posted regarding the 6 men women end up dating, I am curious whether men can assosiate with the 14 stereotypes women are classified under?

Personally I would not be surprised if the men here said that most women they have dated are at least a combination of two of the below types, so let's hear it.

The types are very self-explanitory...

1) Party Girl
2) High Maintenance
3) Psycho (PMS does not count as being psycho, men!!!)
4) Dullard
5) Housecat
6) Housewife
7) Caterer
8) Stalker
9) Nymphomaniac
10) Jealous
11) Showgirl
12) Overly Religious
13) The Boss
14) Jackpot

Girls, feel free to comment on which of these you think you might fall under!!
I've been #7 more often than I care to remember. Other than that one, I don't really find myself relating to the other choices.


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I have definitely been #7 more times than I'd like to admit. I always cater to everyone else's needs; it is just in my nature, but it also drives me insane sometimes.

I also can be #2, not in the sense that I need to have nice things and appear to be the snotty chick with everything, which I do like nice things but not to the extent that I think I would be classified as high maintenance. I am high Maintenance in the respect of how I want to be treated. I am at the point where I am sick of being treated badly, so I demand a lot in the way I want to be treated in my relationship.


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#6- I was a 'housewife' for several years while my children were little. Once both were in school I started working full time.
I really don't see me fitting into any of the other categories.


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1. partygirl
6. housewife (well it's more mother than wife)
9. nympho

I have phases of each, sometimes long sometimes short, sometimes simultaneously happening.


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I would say caterer, party girl and nympho. Sometimes all at once.. Sometime one at a time. At the moment im a caterer.. Im focusing on everyone else when I should be focusing on me wits all the crap thats been going on. I am working on it. I dont think many of those labels are very complimenting though ha ha


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I have dated the following...

(Some of these correspond to the same person haha)

1) Party Girl
2) High Maintenance
3) Psycho
4) Dullard
8) Stalker
10) Jealous
13) The Boss
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I have dated both the party girl and the housecat.I dislike both extremes :(

The one never wants to do anything 'cept read, watch movies, and sit. The other is always out doing godknowswhat and when you do spend time together it better be DAMN interesting or else she'll go off.

Question: Where are all the average girls? The few I've ever met are already taken :( Of course then I take them as friends =P