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SS3 Trishendo

Who do u think wud win if a villian and a dbz fighter teamed up who do u think would be the best team?
I think ss3 Goku and Kid buu my second choice would be Vegeta and Cell. My third choice is SS2 teen Gohan and Frizea.
I picked Goku and kid buu because they would be fast and affective and they would be able to win like nothing . I picked Cell and Vegeta becuse they are both ruthless and agressive that is why i picked Vegeta and Cell. The reason i picked Gohan and Frizea is because the can keep there cool and they can also get really mad and there powerful.
Who wud u be and list why.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
I think if Goku SSJ2 and Brolly would team up together they would be an ultimate force. The only thing I see that wouldn't work out between these two is that Brolly doesent like Goku, because he cried to much when he was younger, but if they got along they would be great team.


Trunks and Kid Buu...Kid Buu has the brute strength and Trunks would be a bit of the brains behind the brawn! It's always good to have a plan and be able to execute it!