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13 of the 14 warmest years occurred in the 21st century.


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GENEVA (TheBlaze/AP) — Much of the extreme weather that wreaked havoc in Asia, Europe and the Pacific region last year can be blamed on human-induced climate change, the U.N. weather agency says.

U.N. Says Extreme Weather Events of 2013 Consistent With ‘Human-Induced Climate Change’ | TheBlaze.com
The UN has released a report blaming the extreme weather of the last year on human caused climate change. There has been over 50 billion dollars worth of damage and thousands of deaths world wide from typhoons, drought and flooding.

This year Australia has had it hottest year on record. There were very few places cooler than normal and one of those was the central US. That I can vouch for we had more snow and colder temperatures than we have had in years or decades.

I was never 100% sure man was the cause of global warming like we are seeing it today because the earth does go through natural changes. However this report says they can't get these kind of changes without factoring in mans influence on their models.

I'm not sure what we will do about it though we could very well be past the point of no return. Plus we can't just stop using fossil fuels.

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I think it's really really likely that we've got something to do with the temperature changes and general wild weather we're seeing worldwide. There have always been climate fluctuations but everything is happening a lot faster now than it has historically.

As for what we can do about it... it's a tough one that's for sure. Stopping using fossil fuels is really impossible like you say but a reduction in fossil fuel use should be possible. I think renewable energy sources will probably continue to grow - hydro can produce quite a lot of reliable energy already and solar and wind technology is improving pretty fast.


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I do appreciate how it's now called "climate change" instead of "global warming". That way no matter what happens it sounds legit.

Forgive me, but I'm a bit doubtful about climate change being caused by man. It's also used as a means to gain political power.

Here's the way I see it. The planet has gone through severe weather changes in the past that were certainly not caused by man. Take an ice age as an example. What triggered that? It wasn't our consumption of fossil fuels. Something else caused that and I believe it's similar to what we're experiencing here. While I believe we should take care of the environment as best we can I just don't think that any climate change we experience is caused by man.


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Climate change is a fact like the earth circles around sun, and that it's man-made (or at least accelaterated at least by the factor 10 by man) is consensus of ca. 97% to 98% of all experts on that topic. The only people denying that are anti-science nuts and people bought off by oil and car industry.

I'm afraid there is not much we can do. We're beyond the point of no return. So all we can do is hope that the effects won't be too grave, and deal with the consequences.

Of course investments in regenative energies, with the goal of replacing as much fossil fuel as we can, is a good idea too -- not just because of climate change, but also because we want to be independent from dictatorships and enemies abroad who export these fossil fuels.

But that's a long-term perspective.



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Forgive me, but I'm a bit doubtful about climate change being caused by man. It's also used as a means to gain political power.
You don't think the other side uses denial as a means to gain political power? You don't think the oil industry and other powerful corporations have a vested interest in fighting the belief of man-made climate change in order to avoid regulation? It would be incredibly naive to think that both sides aren't spewing propaganda. The reality is usually somewhere in the middle. But in this case, the experts on the subject (not politicians or corporations, but the scientific community) are 95% certain that climate change is caused by man. That is the same level of certainty that cigarettes cause lung cancer.


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I have to agree with Major, Sim and Clare on this. There is no way man doesn't have a big hand in what is going on now. I'm not going to deny that the Earth goes through natural changes but to make big changes as fast as its happening now needs help.

Oil companies, or any corporation that relies on oil, have a vested interest in us not believing fossil fuels are warming up the planet. They contribute a lot of money to politicians so they have a interest in us not believing it too.

I don't see humans giving up oil any time soon, I know I won't, I can't but I do hope soon more is done to help free us from it and oil companies aren't going to be the ones that do it. I know big improvements have been made to clean up the US's air but look at places like China. What they are doing will effect us all eventually.

If there was only a few scientists saying man is contributing to this I wouldn't be concerned but most are.