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Movies 127 Hours


Secret Agent
Staff member
I saw this movie a few days ago and really liked it.

YouTube - ‪127 HOURS - Full Length Official Trailer HD‬‏

Who else has seen it? If you're into hiking, climbing, etc in the great outdoors then you'll appreciate this movie and story. It's a true story based on true events from 2003 where a lone adventurer became trapped in a crevice in the middle of nowhere.


yellow 4!
I saw it a while ago at the cinema and liked it. I don't go hiking/climbing but I still enjoyed it, and props to any film that can make 127 hours in the same confined location entertaining. Though honestly, the bit I remember most was the squeamish part (hello tendon) because my friends' faces were hilarious.


Living on the 0th floor
I really had my hesitations about this movie.. I'm not a hiker, and I was worried that a movie centered in essentially one setting the entire time wouldn't be my thing. However, I have to say I truly enjoyed this movie. It kept my attention the entire time, which is hard for a movie to do. I really enjoyed the video logs. I would recommend it to anyone, especially hikers.

Although I had forgotten all about the tendon part, thanks Bex >.>