11th June World Cup Games



Holland vs Serbia (1-0):
Well unfortunately I missed the game, but from the score I was pretty shocked I mean I thought Holland could have easily swept past through Serbia...

Mexico vs Iran (3-1):
Mexico played pretty good, Omar Bravo scored twice, the first one if anyone see it is similar to yesterday game (Drogba scores) he got the ball from heading and just need to tap it in..The second was really becos of Iran AWFUL and lack of Defense and it cause them a goal..Again Omar Bravo got a pass from his teammate and complete it..The third one was really nice, I mean it was a strong head hit and Iranian Ds was pulled out of their pos...Well done Mexico its a good start...
All I can say is that Iran played TERRIBLE in the second half or really if you want to be specific after their first goal..The first goal was by a cross, someone headed the ball and the keeper hit it out but wasnt far enough as GolMohammadi I think (no 4) hit it back in..(LOL similar again with Crespo goal yesterday)..After the first goal I dont know what happen to Iran I mean it look as if they had enough they didnt really do any attacking...And we could only see that they were trying to strike back after the second goal for Mexico by Bravo..But it was too late..I was really frustrated on how they played and I think Mexico did DESERVED the win..

Portugal vs Angola (1-0):
Damn the result if very shocking I mean on paper it look as if Portugal could easily kill Angola and by the first few mins it look as if the game is theirs I mean th first 30-40 secs Pauletta almost scored but miss VERY CLOSELY, I think if that was in it would have been the fastest or not the second fastest time goal scored in WC...I was very disappointed with Christiano Ronaldo, I mean the first chance was that he got a cross but was unable to stop it, the second was that Portugal almost got a goal by CR heading but it hit the top of the goal post and bounce back, the third one was damn!! I mean for his reputation IMO he should have scored that goal when he was right in front of the goal, what a waste...As for the rest well Portugal have a good chemistry but cant get more goals in which is really shocking...Their only goal came from Pauletta on the fourth min, i think it was Jamba fault I mean he kicked the freekick but then Portugal got it and Counter Attack so fast that he didnt realize and by the time he got to his pos Figo had come striking and passed to Paulette who then convert it to a goal, very nice play but IMO that could have been avoided...
Wow all I can say is that for a first timer, they played EXCELLENTLY just like Ivory Coast yesterday, it seems that all the first timer has one HUGE disadvantage, the LACK OF EXPERIENCE, it is almost the same situation as yesterday (ivory Coast) they had so many chances but cant complete I guess they got a lil bit panic/nervous but overall, it was a great game I mean both team is trying their hardest (well may be not Portugal) and for Angola well done, they were able to hold Portugal just to 1-0 and lol did anyone notice that it is again almost the same as England, Paraguay games? Only one goal both at 4 minute...

Feel free to leave any comments and post what yall think about the game...


I was only able to watch the Mexico vs. Iran game. I thought it was pretty classy how the Iranian player gave the Mexican goalie some flowers because of his loss. I was impressed with how the Iranians handled themselves.


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I haven't got the chance to watch any games yet, but I heard so far the games have been exiting, for sure i'll be watching Brazil vs Croatia, I can't wait for Ronaldihno to pull out some sick moves.