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116 or so vintage computers


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Staff member
This ones pretty basic in concept, but the seller has about 116 old computers instead of the 1 that everybody else seems to have for sale.

That's right, 116 VINTAGE computers up for sale to the highest bidder.


Already up to $11,000 and the reserve hasn't yet been met.

I don't even want to think about how much all of these had to have cost brand new.. Ouch. It's true though, they are worth money as collectable vintage computers.

That scene from Back to the Future Part II is becoming a reality. "Antique Computers" are now being saved instead of tossed. :lol:

The sad thing is that some of the very first computers value went way down as technology improved, so everyone who sold at that point lost out bad. Now many years later, I wouldn't be surprised to soon start seeing these sell for more than they were priced originally. There are so little of them left that it's become a supply and demand collectable item.


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20 Thou and still not met. When I first saw the title this I thought my brother had an eBay account and was finally getting rid of all the stuff stored in my basement! :D