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11 year old hellraiser is single handedly turning our neighborhood into a ghetto


New Member
So I had to do my civic duty today.

We have a feral, out of control kid in my neighborhood. I had to sort him out with his parents.

Imagine someone screaming obscenities at people walking by his house, which were basically either racist or wanting to "fuck bitches", etc.

Very charming from an 11 year old.

I am 25, listened to gangster rap most of my life, and I NEVER had the balls to harass random adults. Then again, my parents spanked me.

Do we need to bring the paddle back in full force?


Problematic Shitlord
Corporal punishment is never something that's bothered me. However, there are a lot of people who see no difference between a smack on the bum and a dropkick into a campfire.


I've never believed that a sit in the corer and think about what you've done is the cure-all go-to solution. I agree in with cases such as these a spanking and talkin' to is a good approach. No beatings, just spanking, and if your child is really out of control, you should seek professional help.

Oh, and I 100% disagree with other people disciplining my child when I'm not there. I believe only the parent(s) should be dishing out such punishment. Unless, of course, your child is SO bad that the police are involved which in that case you should have acted sooner. :eek:


Registered Member
i beleave the disciplining should be left down to the parents. i dont think it should be done in the way of beatings or spanking but another course of punishment.


Registered Member
My parents smacked me on the bum or back of the legs through my childhood. It never did me any harm.
Kids like that need a slap, before they grow up and probably turn into a violent husband or some gang land drive-by shooter.


I ♥ Haters
I am 25, listened to gangster rap most of my life, and I NEVER had the balls to harass random adults. Then again, my parents spanked me.

Do we need to bring the paddle back in full force?
Same. I never had the guts to do it either since my mom would spank the shit outta me too if I "sassed off" to her or to anyone else for that matter. Sometimes it was a smack to the back of the head, or if I was really out of line - a wooden spoon to the ass which would hurt pretty bad even with a think layer of clothes. And sometimes she didn't even have to spank, she'd just give me one of those looks that made me stop dead in my tracks.

I don't think that a spank or a smack is child abuse. It's discipline. Yeah, if you go overboard and extreme - that's child abuse.

But seriously considering this, people should spank once in a while:

YouTube - Fat Kid Slaps His Mum On Dr Phil


Ms. Malone
Oh, i woulda slapped that kid back and then grounded him until he's 20!

I remember getting 'spanked' as a child, hasn't done me any harm. Parent's shouldn't have to tip-toe around their kids because they're afraid they'll be reported to social services for every little bruise on a kids ass, or the back of the hand.

Spanking is spanking, and beating is beating; as long as people know where that line is, and spot where the line has been crossed, then parent should be able to punish their kids with a good smack or the ass/legs.


I'm serious
OMG. I would spank my kid a million times over if he/she behaved in that manner. I feel sorry for parents with kids like that, but aren't the parents mostly to blame? I don't have kids yet, so I cannot point fingers or imagine how hard it must be to raise children. But where is the discipline? Surely if this was enforced from a young age, these kids would not have turned out as horrendous as they did?

I do have a theory about how kids get like that in this day and age, but that might be a topic for a whole other thread.


Problematic Shitlord
I probably would have just gone ahead and punched that kid straight in the face, then his mother because she's doing a shit poor job of raising him.


Lion Rampant
I would suspect Tourette's or similar behavior disorder. Hitting isn't called for with kids. You can smash them into complete submission, yeah, but that's not education and it isn't parenting. The true message of spanking is that the bigger, more violent person gets his way.