10th June Games



I did this review on another forum so I guess its no harm to do it here..
England vs Paraguay:
LOL if England keep continuing to play like that no offense but they wont make it further, I mean it was terrible, the first half was quite good but the second half it seem that they started to 'sleep' they only won due to Beckham freekick which cause the OG, I really expected them to get more...btw nice try by Lampard, just couldn't finish them...
Paraguay, well they did a pretty good job holding England, in the first half they just didn't find their rhythm yet but improved in second half IMO give them another 20mins I think they could come up with some goals..

Sweden vs Trinidad and Tobago:
Another LOL at Sweden, what a dissapointment everybody thought that Sweden could 'kill' TT easily but they proved to be wrong, Some nice play by Sweden and lol Larson keep running for the ball, kinda impressed by him..
Wow I honestly thought that TT was no match for Sweden but I was wrong, they were able to hold them back and got some few nice play, I think this was very impressive by them I mean look at the crowd of both side the TT is cheering even tho they got a tie but the Swedish was mourning over their loses...

Argentina vs Ivory Coast:
That was a really INTENSE game, I really enjoyed it, For Argentina IMO in this game they have the advantage of having more experience than Ivory Coast, It was quite a debatable decision by ref for the supposeably Argentinian first goal, I mean it already look like the ball had crossed the line, I think there was a player blocking the linesman view but seriously I think that was a goal...The first goal by Crespo was really a "buthing can be done about it" goal I mean it was just right infront of him...The second goal by saviola I think was really an excellent play I mean the IC Defenders was drawn out and Argentinian came slicing thru even tho I think Crespo got an offside but Saviola scored it...btw hey hey Maradona was there...
Damn I was quite dissapointed by Ivory Coast I mean they have so many chances and actually did gave Argentinian a hard time, there was so many times when they almost scored, IMO the difference between these two teams is that Argentina is ready to take chance and can convert the play to goals BUT even tho Ivory Coast got some really EXCELLENT play they just cant convert it to goals...The only goal by Drogba was really well played..I think this is quite impressive for them plus this is their first appearance in WC...

I will try to do this review as much as possible (if people appreciate it LOL) cos now I got WHOLE World Cup games coverage I think it is worthed for the $210 I paid just for the WC...Wow I just notice that I'm short in karma..Karma is appreciated... Hope you like the review..

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Sweden always has problems with the first game they play in World Cups.They're still gonna advance,Im sure aobut it.