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100% legal sites to watch videos???


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With all the talk lately of crackdowns on pirating, I have to wonder if there is truly ANY legal place online where you can go to watch videos (movies or TV), preferably for free. From what I've been reading that's happening in some places, even people who have paid for content from legit sites are still getting into trouble.

I don't use my computer much for watching videos (except YouTube, mainly) and I have never downloaded music, since I don't even own an MP3 player or any other device like that. But once in a while I might want to look for a certain show or movie that interests me. I'm really getting nervous about even trying anymore. I visited Hulu, but didn't watch anything. I don't want armed SWAT teams breaking down my door, lol!

Also, what exactly is the difference between "downloading" and "watching"?


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There's no websites to watch movies and videos for free that are legal, even if you pay for them. Just because you pay $1 a month for a website doesn't make it legal. Those movies and videos are still illegally put up and the second you download them, they're still illegal. That's like saying you shouldn't get in trouble from buying a stolen laptop from someone when you knew it was stolen but you weren't the one who stole it.

"Watching", you can't get in trouble for that. If you go to a website where they are streaming a video (YouTube) and watch it from there, there's only two people who can get in trouble. The person who posts the video if they don't put in the caption "I take no credit for this, this belongs to blah blah" and YouTube if they leave a video up where someone takes credit for something that isn't theirs.


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hulu is completely legal. The networks and movie studios feed some of their content into Hulu. Its not the best. Lots of commercials and not very many shows, but is better than nothing.


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Youtube and Hulu are the 2 main ones, but I have also noticed when it comes to TV shows that networking websites are starting to put there content up on there sites for free. Also, a lot of websites make users search for movies and all that the website does is search for movies that have been uploaded to other websites around the web and then posts the link, which basically means if you get caught, you will be the one paying the fine and penalty not the website.
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$8 a month on the strictest budget for Netflix is absolutely worth it. I don't even notice that money disappearing each month.


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If you want to be entirely legal bottom line is you have to pay for it as Bigbob says. I personally use NetFlix since it came to the UK and for 6 pounds a month I am very happy. I also intend to get LoveFilm so I can get the the best of both streaming services.


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no, Hulu is completely legal. it's just sometimes there is a limited selection and older episodes of series require you to pay for Hulu plus to watch it.


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There are some movies on YouTube that you can watch for free. The YouTube Movies section does have a number of full length films that you can watch for free there (see yotubube.com). I know for a fact that you can see films like "Life in a Day", "Horror of the Zombies", and "The Lost Treasure of the Sand Canyon" for free there.