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10 Political things you can't do while following Jesus


Son of Liberty
I'm going to go ahead and address each of these individually.

10. What do you mean by forcing anyone to believe anything? If someone gives a prayer at a football game how are you forced to believe anything? If our money says "In God we trust" how are you forced to believe anything? How is anyone forced to violate their "liberty of conscious" simply because there is a nativity scene in the town square?

9. Depends on what you mean by advocate for war. Should we not defend ourselves? If another Hitler comes along should we not try and eliminate him thus saving millions of lives? I would argue Jesus would consider it sinful to have the power and ability to stop such genocide and not do so. This is too broad.

8. Who favors the rich over the poor? Is letting people keep more of their own property favoring the rich? Is mandating wages and thus hurting the economy particularly against poor people favoring ANYONE? Out of all of them this is probably the biggest straw man argument of them all.

7. What funding? Isn't trying to improve an economy by eliminating federal debt thus needing less tax revenue beneficial to EVERYONE? Way too broad and yet another straw man argument.

6. Agreed but who is letting people go hungry?

5. Yet another straw man argument. Who is withholding healthcare? Is the argument truly that Jesus would want people to be forced to provide services for free and that people should be taxed to pay for other peoples services? Because if so I'd love for those passages in the New Testament to be pointed out. This is much more of an economic issue rather than a political one.

4. I have no idea what this is in reference to. Who's rights are being limited here?

3. Who is turning away immigrants? Are people coming into the US legally and they are being turned away indiscriminately? Is he seriously arguing people should not respect the law and be allowed to come and go as they please? That a country should have no interest in border security? Really?

2. Who devalues education? Is there anyone who thinks we should do away with education?

1. Most of those executed aren't innocent however. I agree though that we should be even more certain when we execute those found guilty and since the state has the burden of proof any and all DNA or other testing should done and paid for by the state. There is a difference however in sanctioned killing and executing as a sanctioned penalty. By the way, if we're going to argue we should stop executing because of Christianty then doesn't that run contrary to number 10? Which is it? Are you arguing for not forcing religious beliefs on others or not?


Registered Member
The author seems to show a rather unfortunate lack of understanding about Christianity, politics, and social policy.

It's rather common for these sort of articles to make those mistakes, and this one is better than many of them, but it's still pretty lackluster.


Son of Liberty
The author seems to show a rather unfortunate lack of understanding about Christianity, politics, and social policy.

It's rather common for these sort of articles to make those mistakes, and this one is better than many of them, but it's still pretty lackluster.
I completely agree. I always find that when people say "Jesus would follow this policy" or be a liberal or a conservative their knowledge of the Bible is scant.

That being said I did make a thread once about gay marriage and the New Testament, but my thread used Jesus' teaching as an argument as to why he might and we as Christians should support gay marriage. I'm not saying he definitely would, it's just my opinion as to why we should.


I am the woolrus
As for the article, I think it's pretty tongue in cheek and not really meant to be taken too seriously. Even if it is meant to be taken seriously, I just had a look at the other articles on the website and it pretty much seems like a buzzfeed for christians... I wouldn't take their political commentary too serious.

Plus the examples given were too vague. While I would agree that the U.S. government does some of the things mentioned, without pointing out exact examples it's too easy to rebuke.

But again, the main problem is: it's silly. I wouldn't read too much in to it. Besides, there are very few societies in the world that is run according to a perfect representation of the beliefs set out in their holy doctrine so I don't know why anyone would ever expect it. That's because political power and control will more often than not take precedence over faith. That's the same in the western world as it is in the east!
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not a plastic bag
First, you cannot open a discussion of what would Jesus do politically without mentioning abortion. You can't say #1-Jesus wouldn't support capital punishent and then leave open the possibility that Jesus might support millions of abortions a year. That's silly-hillbilly stuff. Other that that, I generally agree with the list however I'm sure my thoughts on how to fix the problems are completely different. The author's solution to most everything is MORE government money. I don't think that's what Jesus actually said or would say today. I think He'd say less government money, more individual charity.