10-month old baby gets gun permit approved!


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huh !
but how could this possibly happen ?!
so ,,, when he grow up a little and know how to hold it the first victim will be his mother ! ^^ << Stewi's world huh !


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It was probably just a small loophole in the law, and it'll get fixed soon now that someone has pointed it out.


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That sounds stupid. You would think that the guy who issued the permit would realize that, even if it is a loophole in the law, it is just stupid to give a baby a gun.


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I can't pull up the article anymore, but I'm guessing that it is in Texas, no offense meant to any of you Texans, but Texas is widely known as a state with one of the most relaxed gun laws.

And ya, Steve is probably right. It will get fixed, it was probably just a stunt by the parents or something.


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those are some really stupid parents, I wouldn't care if my "10 Month Old!" had a gun permit they would absolutely not be allowed to handle a gun, I think that the government is pretty stupid for allowing this, obviously this baby should be taken away from the parents if the baby is allowed anywhere near a gun.


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Like I said earlier, this is probably just a political stunt by the parents. I don't think the situation is that extreme that he should be taken away from his parents.