10 Greatest Guitarists (PT1)


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Alright, now this is part one of a 3 thread series that I hope will determine what we believe to be the Ten Greatest Guitarists ever. Alright, now I have a system in mind.

Each person participating posts their personal nominations, in no particular order. With each guitarist, they post as many reasons why as they want. Please take influence, innovation, technical ability, tone, and song writing capability.

The next thread will be the actual discussion where we decide 15 choices that definately belong in a top ten list.

The third thread we will vote on the order of the top ten.


Robert Johnson is the very source of ALL modern music. He was the first widely listened to blues man, and he wrote and published all of the basic blues rifts to come after, and that also includes some rock ones. So, he is definately innovative. But, he also either directly or indirectly influenced EVERY great rocker. He influenced Muddy Waters, Eric Clapton (and through him Van Halen), Pete Townsend, Chuck Berry (through him Elvis Presly and after him Jimmy Page), you name it, it all leads back to RJ. As for technical ability, he was a phenomenal player. He was unique in that he was a solo accoustic player. He would uniquely play bass notes with his thumb, and then melodize with his other fingers, a thing that VERY few players even today can manage. As for tone, being an accoustic player, he is lacking in that.

Eric Clapton, after RObert Johnson is deffinately one of the most influential guitarists out their. During his work with the Yardbirds, he created what we call the "Guitar Solo," because previously, no one improvised on the guitar. With the Bluesbreakers, by far spacing his mike from his amp, and then turning up his volume all the way on his gibson, he created the iconic tone that defines not just blues, but rock as well. With Cream, he generated Psychadelic music, and improved on his massive tone, not to mention set rock and blues standards for his whole generation, and the one after that too. His solo career after that has produced countless classic rock and blues standards that you simply cannot beat.

Stevie Ray Vaughan. What to say about SRV? He is, possibly the best guitarist ever (we can discuss that in the next thread though). He generated a phenomenal tone, that few could beat.. His technical ability made Clapton tremble, and was the definitive sound of that age. His sound and playing influenced metal, punk, rockers, and bluesmen, today. As for his style, it is bluesy and agressive with influences evident from Albert King, Hendrix, and even Van Halen showing. He wrote his own legendary songs that people are still jamming to.

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Eddie Van Halen-single handedly changed the way the guitar was played. The dude had to play with his back to the audience so people wouldn't steal his finger-tapping technique before VHI came out. Biggest influence on the rock guitar.

Stevie Ray Vaughn-incredible guitarist, extremely influential.

Jimi Hendrix-one of the most influential guitarists ever, great soloist.


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got to be Matthias Jabs from the scorpions for his awesome solo in rock you like a hurricane.

Jimi Hendrix is also the second best


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Only two of the responses are following the any of the criteria. Please rewrite your posts or your nominations will be ignored in the next thread.


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Ah. I cannot give you a top 10. Maybe a top...uh however many I come up with?

1) Jimi Hendrix - He is Jimi Hendrix. That is all.
2) Yngwie Malmsteen - The European Jimi Hendrix. He can shred on the guitar and creates amazing solos, influenced by classical music.
5) John Petrucci - For his work in Dream Theater and for a song I love "Universal Mind" by Liquid Tension Experiment
4) Brent Hinds for his work with Mastodon, one of my favorite and I believe the best progressive metal bands ever.
3) Justin Chancellor - Plays bass for the award winning progressive metal band Tool. Tool has some of the best bass I've ever heard. (and not enough recognition going to bass players.

There's a top 5, its not in order cause I was too lazy to copy and paste all my changes right =P

This thread is sort of dead, so I doubt I will see those continuation threads you talked about. But as I got here late I still wanna get my 2 cents in :)

Edit: Ahhh, did not see that final post. And I did not follow the "rules" either... But then again I still dont see a continuation post, so I view it as open season on the thread to discuss guitarists? xD I guess I'll find out soon.
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