10 auctions with the same or 1 auction is 10 items?


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for the ppl that use to sell lots of things what is better?
make 10 auction of the same product or make 1 auction with 10 items available to sell?
talking about insertion fee the answer is obvious but for ppl searching for a product if you have 10 auctions the chances that he click in your and not on other is bigger.. no?

let me know :)


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It all depends on what the actual item is that you're selling. For me, if I have more than one of an item...I first research it on ebay. I look at current & completed auctions to see what that item is selling for & what it has ended for. That right there usually helps me determine how I want to list it. If I am still unsure...I just run a single auction of 1 item, to see how it does.