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$10,429.64 per person counted in the 2010 census.

That is how much debt has been borrowed in your name since the Pelosi/Reid/Obama administration took over our government. In less than 2 years that is how much more they spent per person than they received in revenues to the federal government. That is just what they BORROWED, not what they actually SPENT!

So what did you get for your 10 grand?!? Me, I get nothing except the expectation of a higher tax bill.

Oh crap, I just realized that since only about half of us actually pay income tax that makes my bill $20,859.28, and when you add my daughter's share that comes to $31,288.92 (if my wife pays for half of our daughter's share).

I know what I'm going to get:



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State representatives with very strong Liberal/Progressive ideology in power is what is wrong with our political system. In this case California having the loudest voice because of Pelosi's legislative position can pretty much dictate the philosophy of that State they are representing.

Clearly we can see various State government model but people in their respective State fail to comprehend what their representatives' are actually doing to the whole country. For several years California has been a model to many legislative decisions, laws, policies, etc.. States have voiced out their disagreement, yet the Federal gov't continue to place emphasis on the relevance of what happens in California. California is a failed State. Why continue the same path of over taxation, more gov't entitlements, more failed policies if the results are quite obvious?

Why not follow the same model of Texas for example? The current administration is somewhat hostile to the state of Texas because of their pro Republican and conservative leanings. The administration even went as far as seeking the EPA to regulate drilling and oil management in Texas, similar to what they have done to California. Or, what California did to their farmers...

Americans, the next generation will pay for all these mistakes because we failed to stop these corrupt, selfish, narcissist politicians. They are not representing the people anymore, that is long gone and dead. It's all about special interests and personal gains.
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Although no fan of deficit spending, I'm not sure exactly how much to froth here, because you've framed it in no historic context. How does this figure relate to the norm? Not too unfavorably, I'll wager, given the lack of pertinent data presented here (and probably to you as well).

As an aside, I chuckled just a smidge when I read OP. The political/ideological leadership under [strike]Michael Steele[/strikE] Rush Limbaugh never misses a chance to put buzzwords in your mouths that are as far from 'fair and balanced' as anything written can be. They can't bring themselves once to use the neutral and news-appropriate "So-and-so took power." It always has to be, "So-and-so took over our government." Ooh, scary! It would all be even funnier, if only so many didn't accept that kind of intellectual chicanery as par for the political discourse.
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It's all about special interests and personal gains.
It has always been about special interests and personal gains from the very beginning, Strayjack. It's nothing new, and it's not going to go away.


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Well, I looked into this, and of course it's a meaningless scare piece apparently first floated by none other than FOXNews's own charlatan of disinformation Sean Hannity.

One: It's hogwash to compare the size of today's national budget with that from a time when there were thirteen states and the average man's wage was something like fivepence a fortnight. Add to that the cardinal sin of not adjusting for inflation in said comparison and it can't be denied that whoever cooked up this tripe was either intensely stupid or intentionally misleading.

Two: If a rational, objective person wanted earnestly to know how the 111th Congress did, he or she would match it against the most recent figures, not skip over the last four decades in some bizarre and convoluted formula with no rhyme or reason to it, other than the fact that the basic facts didn't paint the Democrats as fiscally irresponsible.

Budgetary allocation did jump an anomalous 64% from the previous figure, which was right in line with its predecessors at a trill and change. That begged the question: what the hell? For that kind of money, we should all be living in palaces.

But when I began to break it down, I realized that the mysterious hump in the economic anaconda bore the outline of the single-time anti-depression measures conceived by the Bush Administration in response to the downturn that manifested during those years. Minus that painful but necessary medicine, the 111th Congress's numbers are... huh, right in line with its predecessors. Well, gee, that's not a news story. No wonder a Google News search could only find mention of it on one or two rabidly partisan websites like your quoted CNS, aka the Conservative News Service. My guess is that they knew it was pure propaganda and served it up as serious news content anyway, in the loyal hope of keeping the shrinking Republican Party relevant at a time when there's no real bad news for them to offer as proof of any Democratic-led blundering. Truth, it seems, has become secondary to winning the game.
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@ Tuck: So are you trying to say that our current debt situation is no big deal? If you are I hope that you are right.

International trade is currently conducted in US dollars, but there is a serious move away from that. If/when other countries stop accepting US dollars as an acceptable form of payment due to our irresponsible inflationary monetary practices, like QE2 (the printing of money to buy up bonds) we are all going to feel the pain. This has been allowed to happen by BOTH parties! So if you are taking my post as some partisan complaint then I can assure you that it is not. I have serious concerns about our monitary policies and it is my opinion that they could lead to even more serious economic troubles for all of us.

Just like I handle my own personal finances, we need to stop spending money the we don't have to buy stuff that isn't necessary.
Hahaha, I just reread my OP! So OH CRAP! :lol:

Anyway, I'll admit the problem didn't just start in the last 4 years, but it sure has picked up some momentum.
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