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$10,000 Dinner Tip


Secret Agent
Staff member


Food Whore
Dear Lord... God do I wish i was that waiter... Hell, why couldn't Trumph just start giving random people money? I live somewhat near him....


blue 3
Stories like this make me want to become a waiter, but then I remember that most waiters get like 2 dollar tips. But seriously, 10,000?! Nice publicity stunt, but a little expensive heh.


Well-Known Member
That it one lucky waiter, I wonder why he did that though, it is a little high, I guess that giving a $10,000 tip is just a thing that you can do when you are super rich.

I wonder if he left it in cash...


Registered Member
I know why he did it. If I had that much money I think if I found someoen who could use it and I know they would not just waste it (which most people would do) I would give that much of a tip. $10,000 to Trump is nothing.


For the Horde!
I wonder if the waiter went to the manager and slapped him when he got all that money LOL


Heavy Weapons Guy
I agree with JJ. If I knew the waiter needed money, and wouldn't just waste it on a car of something, I might leave a tip like that (If I had that much money!). Maybe he talked to the waiter quite a bit and found out that he/she had some need.

If I did do something like this however, I wouldn't even want the media to know.


Likes snow
Am I the only one who wondered how good a waiter would have to service Trump to get that much?

EDITOR'S NOTE: This story has been determined to be a hoax.
The blogger lied to us.


rainbow 11!
lol I wish he would though.

But he should give ME the money.