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1 Million dollars


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Team USA captain Mike Eruzione is set to sell his hockey memorabilia at auction, including the jersey he was wearing when he scored the winning goal to beat the Russians. He's apparently not hard up for cash, but he's trying to put a chunk of change away for his grown children and their kids. The jersey is expected to bring $1 million or more.

Not up for auction is his gold medal.

Mike Eruzione's 'Miracle On Ice' jersey to be auctioned - Olympics - SI.com

Henderson's jersey from the 1972 Summit Series fetched $1.2 million a coupe of years ago.

If you had the cash, what piece of sports memorabilia would you spend $1 million or more to own?


Creeping On You
If I had one million dollars, I wouldn't spend it on memoribilia, hockey is awesome, but I wouldn't buy signed things like jerseys etc. I don't need things tht would just go on my wall.
I'd invest in a sports team though. Maybe help pay for the jets once we hit financial trouble.