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1 killed in parking deck collapse


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
Hi all. I was at this mall when it happend. Good thing I don't drive....

SouthPark Mall ( Charlotte North Carolina) where a parking deck collapsed and killed a woman.

A portion of a parking deck collapsed Thursday near Nordstrom at the SouthPark Mall.
Police and firefighters responded to the scene just after noon following reports of a single car crash on the third floor of the deck.

Capt. Rob Brisley of the Charlotte Fire Department confirmed that the woman behind the wheel of that car was pronounced dead and no one else was injured. Two other vehicles were destroyed. The collapse was limited to a small section of the parking deck.

(Courtesy of WCNC) The integrity of the deck is uncertain and a response team has been called in to make sure the collapsed area is safe before people can move their vehicles.
The parking deck was built only a few years ago when Nordstrom opened at the mall.

The SouthPark Mall remains open to shoppers but portions of Sharon and Fairview roads have been blocked and traffic is being diverted.

Mall Statement:
This morning, a portion of the third level of our parking deck collapsed. Immediately after learning of the collapse, our security personnel, Charlotte-Mecklenburg police and fire departments, and Medic (a Mecklenburg EMS agency) were on the scene to evaluate.

One woman who was injured in the collapse was taken to the hospital for treatment, but unfortunately, the medical staff was unable to save her. We were saddened to learn the news of her passing, and our thoughts remain with her family.

We remain in close contact with authorities to ensure that all appropriate steps are taken to provide for the safety and well being of our fellow community members.

-- Mall spokesperson Molly Parrish

It was a sight to truely see and hear. We were in the parking lot right next to the car park when we heard the car hit something on the top level and then we saw the deck go..:shocked:

It looked like it was straight out of the movies.

By time we could get up to the upper level there was already ppl trying to help the lady, so all we could do is stand there and gawk at the sight of this.
It was truely a sight to see!!!

Then in the BG you could hear X-Mass music playing over the parking deck speakers..I think it was playing "I'dm dreaming of a white X-Mass...
I was just glad that me and the Tiny Master wasn't in there when it happend. Cause we had to cross through it to get to the bus stop. we were on the way there when it all went down.
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Secret Agent
Staff member
So she hit something that caused the portion of the garage to collapse? The lady you saw trying to get help is the lady who died? That is really sad and unfortunate. Hope your little guy didn't have to see that. :(


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
She" The driver of the car" was an older woman who had a Heart attack (I think)while driving out of the malls upper deck parking lot.
I think She hit the gas instead of the break and hit the outter wall of the structure causing the floor of the upperdeck to collapse into the 2nd floord deck and then down to the first floor.

No kids were in the car..Me and Gaberiel saw it..Well he heard it I saw it..


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
All I could do is stand there.. I had my son with me. If he wasn't there with me I would have been up there trying to help her out of the car.
But I have to think of the Tiny Master and his safety first.

But there were others right there to help her in under a min to help even at their own risk ( shows that there still a few good guys out there),the CFD got there in 2 or 3 min seemed longer.
Like I said you only see stuff like that in the movies or on TV.


Food Whore
Thats crazy... Its good that no one else got hurt though. I would have been one of those people rushing to help her, but thats because its been essentially engraved in my brain (7 or so years of Boy Scouts/being an Eagle Scout does that to you)

I though that the structure of the garage would be so vulnerable.