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1 in 4 Pets Obese


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Do you own a portly pooch or a corpulent kitty? Unfortunately, the answer in the United States is all too likely to be yes.

Fat Pets A Growing Problem As 1 In 4 American Dogs And Cats Declared Overweight
I know this problem well, I had two cats and one dog, two were fat. The tom cat never gained a pound but my female dog and cat were over weight. All were fixed so they couldn't reproduce and I think that might of had something to do with it but Tiger, tomcat, wasn't fat.

If I put my dog on a diet I was the only one to lose weight. If she didn't get enough in her bowl she was after me for my food. It was so hard to look in her big begging eyes and say no, so I shared. I couldn't even hide from her to eat a banana, she must of smelled it and be scratching on the closet door. Yes I was a closet banana eater.

The same thing happened when I would try to put Sally, my cat, on a diet except she took Tigers food and he lost weight. So its hard to make an animal lose weight especially if they come in the house. Since so many people keep their pets indoors I bet the vast majority of fat pets is house pets. Really doesn't surprise me one in four is fat.

By the way today is National Pet Obesity Awareness Day.

How about your pets?
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One out of our three dogs is obese. The bitch. She is also the alpha female in the house and would intimidate the two male dogs to eat their food. But mainly, the two male dogs are just more active. They love running around, chasing birds, barking at the neighbors dogs, etc. Where the female dog is just lazy as can be. Never moving much other than to growl at the other two to establish her territory.


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How active an animal is plays a big role in how fat they are. My uncles hunting dog were skinny and they were fed twice as much as mine. They kept it run off. He had to keep them in a pen at times to keep them from running around chasing rabbits so they would gain some weight.


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My mom's cats are all pretty lean because they go outside and run and catch mice. For a few years, she lived in an area where she couldn't let the animals outside because she lived in a trailer park. So during that time, her dog and cats got fat. Once she moved back to a rural property though and they got outside, they thinned down.


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2 of my 4 dogs were what I would consider to be obese, now I'd say that one of them is overweight.

One of the labradors has joint problems so he has trouble getting up and moving around a whole lot (he loves it though). We've been cutting back on his food just a bit to bring his weight down which will in turn not stress his joints quite as much. I'd say he's better but still not great.

One of the Boston Terriers was morbidly obese but we took care of that problem. She used to weigh 19 pounds and is down to 11 or 12 right now. We got her from some people that just constantly fed her way too much. You know how dogs go, they'll eat until they pop if you let them. :lol:

Not surprising at all that 1 in 4 pets are obese, I actually would have expected the number to be higher.


It's a shame. It's a terrible thing for the animal and unlike people it's not their own fault if they are obese, it's their owners.

I used to walk my dog once or twice a day, right up until he got too old for walks anymore and he was always a healthy weight. None of my animals have ever been obese or even overweight but I see it so often. You can't just feed animals whatever you want and not walk them.
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