1 good reason.

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in the past ( sometime before joining gf) i tried some methods of suicide, and now i feel like trying again. i know i dont see eye to eye with most membs but im in a jam. all i have that i value in life is my few friends wich i dont know are really there or just using me for a sick game. please help for i know i cant take much more of this constant shit and my current position tell right from wrong that well

what should i do?
name 1 good reason i shouldent pull the fucking trigger and do the world a favor


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One good reason is the Fact that ice cream has no holes, and there is a french fry in the mailbox waiting to take you to the snowman in the woods who will show you the way of the mongoose, and then you will find inner peace.

So that should take you a bit of time to accomplish, so you have to stick around here and pester the shit out of us.

Is that a good enough reason?


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You can ask us, and that's fine, but seriously you mentioned your friends in your post. Those are the people who know you well and care about you. Have you talked to them about your thoughts? It's nothing to be embarrassed by. It's a serious topic though and you really need to talk to those who are closest to you.

Think of the people who will miss you if you do this.

Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. You have absolutely nothing to gain from it. You're young. Think 30 years down the road. Do you honestly think you'll look back and wish you got out? If anything you'll be glad you didn't throw away the one thing you can't get back.

Talk to some people you know in real life. There's no shame in telling people your thoughts and I respect you for telling us here.


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night, i appreachiate the attempt to lighten the mood by comedy but its not working and bugging people lost its appeal.


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I'm very sorry to read that you feel this way, Zachary. But it's normal to feel that there's no hope sometimes. I've been to the edge many times myself, in fact, and I have the scars and stories to prove it. But I think differently now and one good reason I can think of for staying here is that things always change. In fact, look at it this way: death is the only thing that can permanently prevent you from making it through dark times.

I know that escape is tempting. Believe me, I know. But suicide is the world's best example of "just because you can, it doesn't mean you should."

Getting things off your chest is good. Tell us how you got to this point, or PM me if you need to rant in a more private setting. I've spent the last two years helping out on a suicide prevention website and might be able to help you kick something loose.

I'll be following your thread.


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alright Zach, I'm gonna be straight with you. you've been in this situation before, as you said. so have I, and I'm sure a lot of other people on the forum. what you need to do is think to yourself, "why didn't I off myself before?".

now, I don't mean that in a negative connotation of wistfulness or something stupid like that. I mean, literally think of the reason that you're still alive. think of what means enough to you to keep you around.

you were smart enough to snap out of it before, you can do it again. and don't for a second think "but I have nothing to live for!" because here's a secret. everyone has something to live for. now, I'm only using personal example because its all I've got, but I've been repeatedly rejected by a girl I'm quite taken with and its gotten me incredibly down in the past. but there's always been something that's reminded me that there's more to life (even if it might not seem like it at the time), so think about what you're passionate about. if you're in school, think about the degree you'll never get if you're 6 feet below.

think about the career you'll never have or the house you'll never own, the wife you'll never marry and the kids you'll never father. basically, sit down and think about the life you'll never live.

even if it seems like you've got nothing to live for, like Hybrix said; this is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. and time WILL solve it, with change and new experiences and what have you. you've got a life ahead of you and let me tell you, it isn't worth throwing away.

so you asked for one reason. I've given you several.

what you've got now: your friends, your family, your passions and your future. especially your future. a human life is far too beautiful and full of potential to throw away like that. and guess what, my friend? you're human. and that right there makes you worth something. so instead of killing yourself and wasting that potential for good towards the human race, not to mention the lifetime's worth of experiences you'll be discarding, take advantage of it.

and I'm going to finish by saying that if you decide to ignore both myself and everyone else that posts in this thread, and do it anyways, PM me first. I'd like to see if I can't talk you out of it on the phone or something.


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true i did mention friends and garret and tyeler are the only friends i actually feel confortable talking to this about excluding my online pals here.


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I'd recommend talking to a counselor. As much as people here want to help you, most of us have little to no knowledge about the area, and there's only so much you can do over the internet.

This is something I'm dealing with myself. I have a friend who's a psychologist, and am friendly with my psych professor, and talking with them has helped.

There are things that I've told my counselor-friend that I wouldn't have even imagined telling anyone else. It's often much easier to open up to them about everything.

You're profile says you're 15, so assuming that's true, and you're in high school, you're going through a time of your life that's really hard for a lot of people. You're probably being told a lot of things that add to your pressure, but aren't necessarily true.

If there are specific things you'd be willing to talk about here or via PM, I'm available.
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What would you say to Dr Cuddles your doctor of tripology then.

All joking aside man, there is no reason on this earth someone should off themselves. Life does get better. you just have to batten down the hatches and weather the storm ahead.

Strangely enough it will all turn up good in the end. Relax a bit and have some fun with life. You would be amazed at what's all around you if you just take a moment to stop and look around.

So life is shit right now, eventually you will wipe it off and have a fresh pile of shit to step into. that's the way it goes sometimes, but then other times it's all peachy keen and life is good.

Now the harsh real talk...WTF man!!!! I live each day thanking the gods that I am here to do the things I do. Saying you want to kill yourself is like nails on a chalkboard to me. You realy in that much of a hurry to die?

I know I am not, and I live with something far worse than you can imagine. You are still a kid there is a great grand adventure ahead of you. What do you mean I wanna off myself...That realy pisses me off dude! You have a choice that I DON'T (you know what I mean) and that is to live, grow old and see you kids and grandkids grow up goddammit.
Enough of this talking about offing yourself. There is way too much in life you haven't seen yet.
Noone ever said life would be a breeze. It's life..It is what it is.

But the choice is up to you on how you live it and what you do with it. Don't waste it.
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