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Xbox 360 063 xobX (360 puzzle site)


Registered Member
I came across this site www.063xobx.com.au

It's a puzzle site, with the 360 in mind. There is supposed to be a reward or a secret at the end, but I have yet to get through the darn thing. I'm on level 5 and a half or something. There are 10 levels.

Anyone else try this?


4 legs good 2 legs bad
Damn, this is hard. I don't think I have the patience to get to the end. I'm stuck on the 5th one.


Secret Agent
Staff member
What's the point of it though? I don't want to waste a bunch of time just to see "You've been punked!" at the end of it.

I'm on Level 8.. it is INSANE! :( I honestly dont know if I will ever get past it.


Registered Member
Gamechamp said:
Ah, I get it now. Plus, I got through it. Pretty challenging.
No way. Come on, give the answer to the darn username/password level. Pretty pleeeeeaaaassseee ....

Yeah, I could be doing this for nothing, but at least the cobwebs are being dusted out a bit. Now I'm just frustrated cause I'm stuck.


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I'll give you a hint: the picture you clicked on was of J. Allard, and it was backwards.


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HOLY CRUD!! I got through everything pretty easily, but then... level 8... OMFG.
Impossible, it took over two hours, i finally got to 360 on it. The secret for lvl 8 is
you don't have to click, just let mouse hit it
Anyways, It had things for australiens who won't get 360 for a while. i got 3 desktop backgrounds, a screensaver, a poopy widget, and a countdown clock. (i think to australien launch). lol it was fun, but that level eight, horrid.


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i hate sites like this... i usually lose patience and give up on them.

[ only made it to level 2, i understand the hex but don't get where to click... grrrr ]


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okay, lvl whateve:

if you want to do this, the user/pword is...

Are you sure?
100 % sure
Fine, name = dralla, pword= j