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    Usually I drink milk with no more than 0.5% fats but today I heard that any type of milk that is so low in fats, is more dangerous because it is processed in high temperature which makes it less healthy for our body. So it's better to drink milk higher in fats which makes it be more natural.

    How much do you agree with this?

  2. Jeanie

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    not at all. I've never heard that the processing of milk to remove the fat can make it unhealthy in any way, or even less healthy.

    the process by which milk is treated at a high temperature sounds like pasteurization, which makes it more safe to drink as it reduces the risk of contamination with pathogens.
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    Define how high this temperature is, because all milk is processed at high temperatures. It's how milk is pasteurised.

    Highest temperature is UHT milk, at about 135 °C, though that's for no longer than a second or so. Lowest is extended shelf life (ESL) milk, and that's usually done at lower than around 70 °C.

    So, unless the milk's being heated past 200 °C or so, thus risking curdling, I don't see how it can be bad for us. Otherwise, all milk would be bad for us.
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