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The Emoji Meaning Handbook: 20 Essential Rules of Emoji Communication

What does it mean when a guy or girl sends a kissy face emoji over text?

13. Pucker Face


The last kissy face is the most appropriate of them all. His eyes are appropriately closed with lips pursed blowing a kiss through the air. Again, this kissy face emoji can only be used in oozy gooey gushy text messages with your boyfriend or girlfriend. Do not accidentally send to one of your mates.


12. The Sunglasses Emoji


This emoji is a personal favorite. Sunglasses emoji lives between “I’m Sick” and “I’m Sleeping” emojis, which is not where you would expect to find him. This awkward placement isn’t very dangerous, but in fact can lead to hilarious text messages like so:


11. Grandma Text

You can rest assured that you’ve got good genes if you’ve got a grandparent that texts you, and double good genes if that grandparent is a baller with emojis.


You know she’s already in her car by now.

10. The “Uh Oh, I Did What?” (A.K.A. ‘The Eurkle’)

This emoji has the greatest affect as a stand-alone response with no message attached, but only in a humorous situation. This Uh-Oh emoji is best used when you are caught red handed for something that isn’t really a big deal. The Uh-Oh helps you take responsibility while still maintaining your cool:

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9. Guilty, But Not Too Guilty Teeth Grin

This emoji is somewhat interchangeable with the previous Uh-Oh emoji. This one can be used as a stand alone response, but works better with a message. How many times have you received a message like this from one of your friends when they accidentally dropped the ball at work:


8. The “I’m Totally Guilty and I Deserve Everything That’s Coming to Me Face of Death

This one is to be only used when you actually truly mean it. This one, no matter what your religion or spiritual beliefs, should send good vibes your way. When people see this, they know it’s business. Tread lightly with this one.


7. Crying With Laughter

This emoji indicates the highest level of laughter currently possible with emojis. It can be used both sarcastically and sincerely with texts like so:





Written by Ian Dick Jones

Ian Dick Jones is a writer from Chicago who has sweat profusely for the last three years in LA. Ian loves to type and listen to experimental music. He works as a freelance writer all over the internet.