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21 Emojis That Don’t Mean What You Think They Mean in Online Dating

Using emojis in an online dating relationship can be hazardous. Proceed with caution.

10. Cash Emoji

Great, you have money. Or at least you know how to find the money bag emoji. Let’s just assume then, that you are planning on paying for our first date?

What you think it means: I’m rich.

What your date thinks it means: I’m not for sale.

9. Emoji Combinations That Make No Sense At All…

Some emoji combinations simply are riskier than others and should only be handled by trained emoji professionals. Stick to the popcorn and movie ticket emojis, kids.

What you think it means: I wonder if she sees what I did there?

What your date thinks it means: If you like it then you better put a ring on it.

8. Overuse of Food Emojis

It’s one thing to throw a food emoji in after a question about actually going out and getting some food, but when you have the perfect food emoji for every emotion you’re trying to convey, you’re going to come across as a little obsessed.

What you think it means: I’m creative and can find the perfect emoji for anything I have to say.

What your date thinks it means: We literally just had lunch and you’re already talking about food again?

7. Winky Face Emoji

Creepy, just creepy. You think you’re being cute, but you’re not. Winking comes later, not when your date doesn’t know you.

What you think it means: I’m being sarcastic, get it? Do ya?

What your date thinks it means: I got your sarcasm. I didn’t respond because it wasn’t funny. The follow-up winky face emoji didn’t magically make your bad joke funny.

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6. Plug-in Cord Emoji

Yea, your date will get the euphemism but don’t expect him/her to laugh.

What you think it means: Let’s hang out and charge our phones together.

What your date thinks it means: Uh, let’s not.

Written by Vincent Hess

I'm sarcastic and I love writing. I enjoy long walks on the treadmill while imagining I'm on the beach.