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21 Emojis That Don’t Mean What You Think They Mean in Online Dating

Using emojis in an online dating relationship can be hazardous. Proceed with caution.

15. Clown Emoji

Clowns are never OK. Maybe you wanted to lighten the mood or suggest that you’re a funny guy—a class clown of sorts. Whatever your reason, don’t do this. Clowns are weird and scary. Don’t be weird and scary.

What you think it means: I’m a fun and playful person who’s great with kids!

What your date thinks it means: One word. IT. Two words. The Joker. Three words. Oh heck no.

14. Pig and/or Pig Snout Emojis

So what are you trying to say? Do you like pigs? Are you a farmer? If these are true, you might have an argument for a legitimate use for this emoji. Otherwise, you’re playing a dangerous game. If there’s even the slightest chance your date will think they are being compared to a pig, you may want to consider a different animal.

What you think it means: A smiling little piggie is cute, right?

What your date thinks it means: Are you saying I remind you of a pig?

13. Peekaboo Monkey Emoji

You may be trying to be cute—that’s understandable, but you can do it without the peekaboo monkey. If you’re using this emoji, you might be dating people a little too young for you.

What you think it means: Let’s play a game!

What your date thinks it means: How about the quiet game. I’ll go first. *Closes chat window*

12. Heart Emojis

Again, using one is tolerable, but use heart emojis excessively and it gets annoying real fast, especially if you’re just starting out or still meeting online. Your date will get it after one heart, don’t go overboard.

What you think it means: I kind of like you and I’m optimistic about our future together.

What your date thinks it means: I love you so much already and I can’t wait until I find out where you live…

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11. Flexing Bicep Emoji

So, this is supposed to tell somebody that you work out, right? That’s nice, but it’s not likely to make your date think you look like The Rock. If anything, they’ll think that you’re way too into going to the gym.

What you think it means: I work out and have a chiseled physique, in case you didn’t already notice from the several pictures I took the liberty of uploading to my online dating and social media profiles.

What your date thinks it means: I sure hope you didn’t just try to impress me with a cartoon bicep. Please tell me you didn’t just try to impress me with a cartoon bicep.

Written by Vincent Hess

I'm sarcastic and I love writing. I enjoy long walks on the treadmill while imagining I'm on the beach.