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21 Really Annoying Texting Friends We All Have

If you don’t know at least half of these people, you clearly don’t text.

10. The Wrong Number Broseph

This guy (or girl) is the worst. He’ll text you out of the blue thinking you’re a buddy of his. Even after you politely bring up the fact that you have no clue who he is and turn down hanging with him, he’ll keep the texts coming like discount wings during happy hour. Don’t people know how to save contacts correctly anymore? Wrong number, bro! No, you can’t have my number! Oh wait…

Annoying Funny Texting Friends - Wrong Number

9. The Multimedia Machine

While classifying this person as a “texter” is a gray area at best, this person uses the texting app primarily to send pictures, videos, and audio messages. In fact, they’ll even respond to your text with a lengthy audio message instead of calling or texting back. Lucky for you, you have a lot of free space on your phone, right? Wrong. You have to delete this person’s text messages every few days to free up precious space.

Annoying Funny Texting Friends - Multimedia Machine

8. The Emoji Explosion

Who needs actual letters when the universal language of emojis exists? This friend doesn’t see much use in texting anything except emojis. Somehow, as if by magic, you can still understand them, but it takes forever to decipher what they’re saying. You don’t have to know this friend for too long before you realize you are becoming more and more qualified to apply for that job that keeps popping up, studying hieroglyphics of ancient civilizations.

Annoying Funny Texting Friends - Emoji Explosion

7. The Brick Wall

Every time you see this person in real life, you have a great time together. They genuinely seem to enjoy being around you too. But when you are apart, it’s as if they pretend not to know you. Whenever you text them, you get no response. As you become more and more aware of these trends with this person, your text messages evolve into futile attempts to see them in person again. Maybe this person has the cheapest mobile phone plan known to mankind? Yeah, because data is so expensive these days…

Annoying Funny Texting Friends - Brick Wall

6. The 90’s/00’s TXT Speaker

First of all, in case there is any question about it. It’s the year 2016. People can type on their phones just as fast as they can on a computer keyboard. There is absolutely no reason to use this prehistoric art of communication anymore, and yet it remains alive and well. You’d think these people would only be 30 and older (You know, people who actually lived through the triple click texting stone ages), but high schoolers continue to text like this every single day. Why? Because they are SOOO cool—I mean s0 kul.

Annoying Funny Texting Friends - TXT Speaker

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Written by Andrew Fischer

Andrew Fischer is the Head Writer and Editor-in-Chief of PopMalt. He is an avid follower of all things pop and Internet culture, and works as Creative Director at NURV, a boutique creative multimedia and digital marketing company. He is also the founder of The Jericho Joe.