Guy With Rare Talent Perfectly Mimics Animal Sounds With His Voice

William Jafta of Cape Town South Africa has quite the mouthful of sound effects ready to go at a moments notice. In fact, if your eyes were closed, you’d think he was Old McDonald himself, farm and all. The self-proclaimed “Animal Sound Man” can make sounds with his mouth that would put a beat boxer to shame. Check out the video below.

In another video, he admits that he’s still perfecting the pig sound and that these impressions take time. Pig or no pig, Mr. Jafta certainly has an interesting skill.

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Written by Andrew Fischer

Andrew Fischer is the Head Writer and Editor-in-Chief of PopMalt. He is an avid follower of all things pop and Internet culture, and works as Creative Director at NURV, a boutique creative multimedia and digital marketing company. He is also the founder of The Jericho Joe.