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20 of the Web’s Best Internet Explorer Memes. Goodbye IE, We Hardly Knew Ye

10. That one where not everybody was playing with a full deck

9. That one where the other browsers wouldn’t let Internet Explorer play with them

Via John Martz
Via John Martz &

8. That time when even Google said “screw it, we have a deadline to meet and can’t be arsed to optimize for IE”


Yes, this was a real thing for a while.
Yes, this was a real thing for a while.

7. That one all web developers understand right away

#Developers everywhere rejoice! #Microsoft is finally killing off #InternetExplorer.

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6. That one where “When in doubt, choose C” would have ended well for her

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5. That one that showed that the best things in life take time

4. That one where Dwight Schrute made perfect sense

3. That one where Internet Explorer wasn’t even trying

2. The ones where somebody was quite generous to Internet Explorer

1. That one we really wanted to see, but never will


Thanks for the laughs, Internet Explorer. We hardly knew ye.


Written by Andrew Fischer

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